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World Environment Day is a global initiative celebrated on June 5th each year to raise awareness and promote action for the protection of our environment. The Yarn Bazaar in association with Wazir Advisors Pvt Ltd wishes to contribute to the cause of environmental conservation. In line with this vision, we are launching a campaign to tie up with textile companies to promote the Indian Textile Sustainable Market and its potential globally.

Sustainability Survey Report 2023

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  • By showcasing the robust ESG practices, India can demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship
  • To showcase India’s existing textile recycling and upcycling ecosystem/infrastructure
  • To present India as a leader in sustainable textiles globally
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  • Lack of awareness about sustainable textile initiatives already taken up by Indian Textile Ecosystem
  • Limited promotion of our capabilities/infrastructure hinder India's recognition on the global stage as a leader in sustainable textiles.
  • Lack of trust in Indian Textile supply ecosystem by global sourcing companies and brands.
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  • To showcase the efforts and progress made by Indian textile companies in adopting sustainable practices, such a responsible sourcing, upcycling, recycling etc.
  • To showcase India's sustainable practices on the global stage and create a comprehensive and impactful narrative of India's sustainability achievements.
  • To facilitate networking opportunities for Indian textile companies with international stakeholders, including brands, retailers, sustainability experts, and organizations.

Media Coverage on Sustainibility